Ultra Frontier is an innovative investment advisory boutique that prides itself on its ability to provide its clients with unique and customized services.

About Us

Ultra Frontier is an innovative investment advisory boutique that prides itself on its ability to provide its clients with unique and customized services. With strong foundations in the Middle East and vast industry experience amongst its team of specialists, Ultra Frontier has both the tools and vision needed to offer an unparalleled suite of services to meet the needs of its diverse client portfolio. Ultra Frontier constantly has its finger on the pulse of changing economic climates and market fluctuations and has positioned itself as a leading provider of decisive guidance across a varied client base, from established investors to entrepreneurs.

  • Exceptional Team Composition – Utilizing a detailed combination of resources from multiple backgrounds across various geographies, Ultra Frontier’s exceptional team has the ability to effectively and efficiently service a diverse client base.
  • Comprehensive Intellectual Capital – With vast experience in a multitude of specialties that include asset management, illiquid asset trade and investment opportunities, Ultra Frontier has the strategic frameworks, analytical methods, financial models and other intellectual capital necessary to complete investment and growth-related projects in an accelerated timeframe, delivering extremely high-quality results every time.
  • Strong Regional and Local Track Record – Ultra Frontier boasts more than 25 combined years of expertise operating in the Middle East region. The company has served multinational firms and some of the largest organizations in the region including the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Ultra Frontier has also had the privilege of working with a variety of companies in the private sector on topics including financial advisory, privatization, investment attraction, strategy and mandate definition, implementation planning and execution support, delivering impressive, sustainable results to clients across the GCC.
  • Deeply Embedded in the GCC’s Business Environment–The Ultra Frontier team has been working successfully across the Middle East with governments, regional and global clients for the past 12 years. The company firmly believes that any transaction requires business pragmatism and active incentive management to bring together the interests of the public and private sectors to deliver power in even the most challenging environments.

Advisory Services

We strive to provide best-in-class advice, execution, and excellence on the most complex transactions across products and asset classes in order to help our clients grow. Ultra Frontier is set on being a significant financier and provider of capital-raising services, which in turn, enables our clients to achieve their strategic goals. Our company strives to be a market leader in The GCC region in M&A advice, joint ventures, spin-offs, divestures and other restructurings to clients throughout The Middle East ranging from businesses, private investors, private individuals and families.

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M&A Advisory Services

Ultra Frontier provides senior-level service and attention on all transactions, large and small. Our bankers have relationships with hundreds of client companies and financial buyers—and the ability to identify the most likely and best-suited parties to a transaction. We are set to help our potential clients by combining expertise in strategy and technology to create and execute robust M&A strategies to achieve superior value.

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Financial Restructuring

Backed by extensive years of experience, our dedicated team acts as a trusted adviser to companies and investors as they take on the challenges of financial restructuring. In the process, we take a particularly high priority on developing sustainable restructuring concepts that address the market and competitive environment as well as specific factors for success. UF acts as a coordinator for restructuring processes, as an objective expert and a neutral third party who provides quantitatively supported advice to address the interests of management, shareholders, lenders and other stakeholders.

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Strategic Management Consulting

Strategic management consulting services can mean the difference between running a business and running a successful business. Our team helps all sorts of businesses by offering them more creative solutions that combine our deep geographic experience, intimate sector knowledge and clear insights into how to create value in the client’s business. UF works collaboratively and shape lasting competencies into the client’s team and assist their organization in rallying for change.

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Debt Issuance

We advise our clients on obtaining the best terms for debt issuance. We apply global credit markets expertise to seek timely and sophisticated market access.

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Wealth Management

Ultra Frontier’s team of advisors provides wealthy clients from the MENA region, specifically from the GCC countries with financial advice and wealth management services. We deliver a full range of financial services and products that are tailored to their investment needs and risk appetite. Armed with a deep understanding of the clients needs, Ultra Frontier helps them identify and visualize measurable financial goals, and build a robust model and investment portfolio that is centered around those goals and regularly monitor the progress towards the goals. We help them customize a strategy that integrates the pieces of their financial life, helping them to grow, preserve, transfer and structure their wealth.

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Track Record HighLights

Currently, Ultra Frontier’s main revenue stream is coming from wealth and portfolio management for wealthy and prominent UAE individuals. The company have around AED 1.5 billion worth of assets under management (AUM), mainly geared towards investing in UAE stocks and also stocks of companies with international exposure or operations. In addition to wealth management, UF acted as a financial advisor on several deals:
  • Raised an equity-backed loan for a prominent businessman valued at AED 150 million.
  • Closed several Private Shareholding companies’ shares for a total value of AED 60 million.
  • Closed an equity sale of 11.4% in a sugar company in Bahrain in exchange for USD 11 million.
  • Advised an Internet holding company about looking for a strategic partner, seeking USD 15 million in exchange for 40% of equity stake.
  • Advised a client who owns a two tower residential and commercial building and looking for a seller. The building is valued at AED 800 million.
  • Projects in the Pipeline:
    • Ultra Frontier is currently working on an exclusive deal: 40% equity sale of a leading valued-added Technology Distributor in the META region, with a total estimated enterprise value of USD 200 million.
    • We are also working on selling majority equity stake to 100% of a technology company with a deal size of USD25m.

Our Team

Ultra Frontier’s new dedicated team works across the Middle East and Gulf Area to support our work investing in companies, leaders, and ideas. Our entire community — including our staff, board, and advisors — are integral to the success of our team. Here is our key personnel: